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The New Dads on Deck Podcast - Who, What, Why, When & Where

A New Podcast for Dads, Grand-Dads & Other Male Role Models

There's a new podcast created just for working dads called the 'Dads on Deck Podcast.' It quietly launched over the past couple months, and in case you missed it, this short post is aimed to get you involved personally, and also to share with other fellow dads, grand-dads and other male role models. Why is it just being put out there now? The Eagles season. That's all I can say. I can sleep again. Let's go Phillies!

QUESTION: So what does Dads on Deck mean? Is it a baseball reference?

ANSWER: Sorta. We as dads, grandads and other male role models get very immersed in WORK DADDY MODE during the week. This new community is aimed to support work daddies each week to transition into ENGAGED AND FAMILY DADDY MODE - a place where they can put work aside, and invest in being a good dad for their kids and for their family. Dads on Deck is a podcast that shares the stories of daddy life and how we are learning to be better.

Back in the summer, I met Iowa Elementary Principal Eric Ewald, who happened to make my early-bird NAESP session on innovative staff development.

Eric and I, both connected elementary principals, but most importantly, we are working daily to be better DADS and HUSBANDS for our kids and families. We hit it off initially with Cubs-Phillies and Bears-Eagles talk, and began to talk more on Voxer discussing things like Dads as Principals, MakerDads and everything I missed about Chicago, the city where I started my career. Eric and I talked a great deal about how we could blend the work and outreach that was beginning to gain traction across other male educational leaders who maybe hadn't found "their tribe" in a sometimes lonely and mental health unfriendly field.

For me, Eric is the latest example of how we need continue refreshing and evolving our tribe, or we will end up back in "group-think" where we started. The growing number of tribes (i.e. Dads as Principals, Moms as Principals, @MakerDads, Principals in Action, Fit Leaders, #semicolonEDU, #ECEchat, #Admin2b, #parentcamp - all I find myself currently interacting most with). Much of my deep thinking revolves around how to tie them together most effectively for the busy educators and parents trying to make a better today and tomorrow for kids.

The more passionate, committed and connected friends we can make in this world, the better. Your tribe does in fact attract your vibe, as my good friend Jimmy Casas reminds us. Sadly, many school principals still find themselves on admin island - even in this uber-connected age. For me it's about connecting with those who understand and embrace their roles as moms and dads - enough so to make sure it's in their social media bio.

Search 'Dads on Deck' on iTunes, Stitcher and other popular platforms on the device of your choice. Click subscribe. Look for new episodes each week.

On the latest episode, Todd Schmidt (CA), Eric Ewald (IA) and Joe Mazza (PA) discuss the intersection between daddyhood and football. Super Bowl Predictions - one of them got it right #dadsondeck

  • On Twitter, you can find other dads sharing stories at #dadsondeck. Folks have also started posting to Instagram and Facebook on the same tag. 
  • We've got Flipgrid Fever, too. Find challenges where you can get involved (with and without kids!) and be inspired by some really amazing dads
  • Nominate a dad, grand-dad and/or other male role model to be on the show. Email us at makerdads[at], we are working hard to get Eagles QB Nick Foles or Doug Pederson to come on the show to talk about daddy life as a SuperBowl Champion).

Our family minus the twins outside after midnight banging pots and pans after the Eagles won the Superbowl. The night the kids officially realized their parents were nuts! 

We've never done so much 3D printing in one week. First we created an Eagle-shaped cookie slicer, then it was onto Lombardi Trophies. 


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