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Community Partnerships Through Innovation

Home Depot sent 15 employees from as far away as Newark, NJ to Shields Elementary School (Lewes, DE) on January 30th to support the school's first @MakerDads Night. Dads, Grand-Dads and other male role models were invited to spend a few hours working through 20 STEAM stations, but more importantly spending quality time with a parent or guardian. Check out the pics from the school's Facebook page.

How does your school define and seek community partners?
What exactly does that mean here in 2018? What is possible? What's too much to ask? 

Today I'm sharing one example that can help your school ignite a maker culture across students and adults. The pictures say it all. Look from a kids lens. Parents lens. Community lens. Educators lens. There is a lot awesome right here!

The New Dads on Deck Podcast - Who, What, Why, When & Where

A New Podcast for Dads, Grand-Dads & Other Male Role Models ⚙⚙⚙
There's a new podcast created just for working dads called the 'Dads on Deck Podcast.' It quietly launched over the past couple months, and in case you missed it, this short post is aimed to get you involved personally, and also to share with other fellow dads, grand-dads and other male role models. Why is it just being put out there now? The Eagles season. That's all I can say. I can sleep again. Let's go Phillies!

QUESTION: So what does Dads on Deck mean? Is it a baseball reference?

ANSWER: Sorta. We as dads, grandads and other male role models get very immersed in WORK DADDY MODE during the week. This new community is aimed to support work daddies each week to transition into ENGAGED AND FAMILY DADDY MODE - a place where they can put work aside, and invest in being a good dad for their kids and for their family. Dads on Deck is a podcast that shares the stories of daddy…

MakerDadsTV - a new series aimed to support classroom teachers

Exciting news from our family start-up, MakerDads, is entering its sixth month in existence. This week, we launched MakerDadsTV, our brand-new YouTube Channel that is designed, filmed and produced for teachers and parents to watch alongside kids. Below is the first episode from Frank's Pizza in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. 

You will notice, fairly quickly, that the video editing isn't done by a professional, and we are certainly working to make that part better engaging the help of some local high school students. But I encourage you to hone in on how we are leaning on the community to deepen our understanding of making during the 5 minute. There are several opportunities for learning and reflection, that I want to bring attention to in this post. Let's take a quick look at the show's (initial) structure:

Opening Credits
You will see my kids unloading our filming briefcase full of cameras, cords and other things we need to go out on the road. You might notice that I reverse…